Apply for a College Scholarship From Brookhill Properties

Raphael Toledano and the Brookhill Properties team value the future of real estate and those who are interested in pursuing careers related to the field. The real estate investment firm is thrilled to announce the offering of annual scholarships for college and post-graduate students, one $500 scholarship each in the areas of:

  • Architecture or Interior Design
  • Business or Real Estate

Because of our team’s passion for the real estate investment market and our desire to aid students in succeeding in contributing to the world we love so much, we offer these scholarships as a way to help students achieve their graduation dreams and make significant marks on the field.

We always look forward to seeing the level of talent of students applying for Brookhill Properties scholarships. We feel pride that we can be a part of advancing new professionals in the real estate market and beyond.

Real estate is a forever-fascinating place, from the planning of new building developments, to the creation of real estate design through architecture, to the maintenance of valuable client relationships, to the creation of beautiful spaces through thoughtful interior design, to the managing of real estate investment firms, all the way to keeping all the moving parts running. The real estate business is rooted in timeless values of customer service.

Married with new technologies and exciting trends, real estate and its related fields are always stimulating and fresh. The market allows those with a variety of interests to pursue what they love in an energizing field that constantly presents new challenges but promises great rewards to those who work hard.

A successful career in real estate can start with the foundation of a strong education. Brookhill Properties and Raphael Toledano recognize the importance of teachers and mentors in the real estate field and want to support educational pursuits. Through Brookhill Properties scholarships, we look forward to fostering the next generation of real estate experts and entrepreneurs.

Brookhill Properties Scholarship Qualification

Any student studying higher education in any area related to real estate, business, interior design, or architecture is encouraged to apply for a scholarship through Brookhill Properties.

Acceptable institutions include real estate colleges, community colleges, four-year universities, and master’s programs. Scholarships are handed out on an annual basis, and applying is simple.

To apply, submit the following materials to

  • An essay covering what you are currently studying or plan to study, why you’re passionate about your area of study, any related experience that has led you to this area of study, and what your future goals are related to the area of study.
    • In your essay, include: your name, email address, home address, and phone number where you can be reached for contact.
    • Essay must range between 500 to 750 words.
    • Attach essay in .doc or .docx format, and include complete contact information on every page of the essay.
    • Essay must be submitted by May 31 of every year to be considered for eligibility for the fall semester.
  • Your most recent school transcript and proof of school enrollment for the fall semester of the year of application, including proof of course enrollment related to the field you are applying for a scholarship for.
  • A resume or any related work experience.

Raphael Toledano and the Brookhill Properties team will choose winning submissions based on the essay quality and the meeting of eligibility criteria. We do not discriminate based on age, income, gender, race, sexual orientation, location, or any other demographic factor. The most important quality to make you stand out as an applicant is your love for real estate and its related fields, and how you intend to use the scholarship to support your future.

How to Win a Brookhill Properties Scholarship

Have what it takes to win a Brookhill Properties scholarship? We’re looking for people who have the fervor for real estate that is required to succeed in a market filled with competition. We’re keeping an eye out for drive and ambition. We want to hear about long-term visions focused on not just advancing personal success, but on the well-being of the communities applicants work in.

Dedication and determination are factors that help you succeed in the professional world, whether you’re a real estate agent, developer, or investor. Fields related to architecture and interior design require the ability to see big-picture goals and harness the detailed focus required to execute them. These are the qualities we want to see evident in your essay.

Whether you’re already immersed in college or business school studies, or you’re a high school student ready to graduate and continue your education, a scholarship from Brookhill Properties can help you stay on the path toward achieving your dreams. With the financial pressures college and secondary education present, we hope the scholarships offered to the recipients help alleviate some of the burden and keep students motivated for success.

From future internships to full-time careers with Brookhill Properties, Raphael Toledano and the team are here to help applicants and scholarship winners get the beneficial experience they need for this competitive field.

About Brookhill Properties & Founder Raphael Toledano

Raphael Toledano founded Brookhill Properties with the intent of bringing the best real estate offerings to New York City residents in the areas of the East Village, Chelsea, and beyond. With a focus on customer service that drives all the real estate firm’s business dealings, the Brookhill Properties team has solidified its position as a top leader in high-quality Manhattan real estate.

Besides striving to provide the best real estate and service to their clients, the Brookhill Properties team cares about making a positive difference in the community. Partnerships rooted in service include work related to organizations ranging from community gardens to soup kitchens.

The Brookhill Properties scholarships offered to students are just another way the team wants to make the New York real estate world and beyond a more productive and more successful place.