Raphael Toledano Recommends the Best New York Renovators and More

As founder and owner of real estate investment firm Brookhill Properties in New York City, Raphael Toledano knows how important it is to work with reputable architects, interior designers, renovators, contractors, and other building improvement service providers to achieve spectacular results. All Brookhill Properties buildings in Manhattan, including in areas such as the East Village and Chelsea, are renovated with the finest upgrades and most high-quality finishes.

Working with the right contractor leads to improved efficiency and higher satisfaction. Toledano is pleased to recommend the following New York City businesses to you.

New York City Renovators and Contractors

Whether you’re renovating interiors including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, doors, or floors, or you need help with electrical and plumbing features, here are recommended New York City renovation services and contractors to consider.

New York City Architects and Interior Designers

Manhattan has some of the most attractive buildings in the world, inside and out. With developments from Brookhill Properties, New York City is poised to become an even more beautiful place to live, play, and work in. Here are trustworthy Manhattan architects and interior designers to contact for your next project.

Work With Raphael Toledano and Brookhill Properties

Raphael Toledano and Brookhill Properties are always on the search for fantastic buildings in New York City to purchase and upgrade. By enhancing building units with renovated rooms, new intercom systems, upgraded ceiling lights, and freshly landscaped rooftops and backyards, Brookhill Properties transforms the buildings it owns into even better places to live in and work in.

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