View New York City Properties of Real Estate Investor Raphael Toledano

Since founding and becoming president of Brookhill Properties in 2015, Raphael Toledano has quickly become the youngest real estate investor in New York City to own a portfolio of buildings his size. Toledano is passionate about making every area of New York he does business in a desirable place to live, work, and play, especially the East Village.

With 22 residential and commercial buildings including 15 retail tenants, and 350 apartments and counting in prime Manhattan areas including the East Village and Chelsea, Toledano is poised to become a leading force in New York City.

Toledano’s vision with the properties he purchases is to make them the top places to live and work where they’re located. With renovations of buildings including apartments and common areas, Toledano and his team work to upgrade properties and make them better than ever for current and new tenants.

Brookhill Properties is not just a property owner — Toledano and his team are members of the East Village community and beyond. With an emphasis on amazing customer service with everyone he works with, Toledano strives to be an exemplary landlord and owner who is committed to providing superior services.

Brookhill Properties East Village Properties

Raphael Toledano believes in the current strength and potential of the East Village. From the vibrant community to destination restaurants, exciting nightlife, rich artist-filled history, and beautiful public parks to relax in, the East Village is one of the city’s most attractive locations because of its diverse offerings.

The buildings Toledano and Brookhill Properties own in the East Village in New York include:

  • 97 2nd Avenue
  • 223 E. 5th Street
  • 229 E. 5th Street
  • 231 E. 5th Street
  • 233 E. 5th Street
  • 235 E. 5th Street
  • 228 E. 6th Street
  • 66 E. 7th Street
  • 27 St. Marks Place
  • 58 St. Marks Place
  • 332 E. 9th Street
  • 334 E. 9th Street
  • 221 E. 10th Street
  • 251 E. 10th Street
  • 253 E. 10th Street
  • 325 E. 12th Street
  • 327 E. 12th Street
  • 329 E. 12th Street
  • 510 E. 12th Street
  • 514 E. 12th Street
  • 444 E. 13th Street

Toledano and his team are constantly on the search for high-quality buildings to invest in and renovate, adding even more value to the already amazing East Village.

Brookhill Properties Chelsea Property

Like the East Village, Chelsea on the West Side of Manhattan is one of the most exciting places in New York City because of the positive energy of its residents and wide-ranging art world. Chelsea features hundreds of art galleries, world-class dining, historic landmarks, and booming businesses, including Google. There’s something for everyone in Chelsea, which is why Brookhill Properties is proud to own this current Chelsea building with eyes on expansion:

  • 125 W. 16th Street

In every location Brookhill Properties does business in, it is the goal of Raphael Toledano and his team to get to know their tenants and learn their needs to make the properties the best places to live. Respect and decency are values that drive Toledano’s relationships and that are integrated in his staff’s training. By forming personal bonds with residents, Toledano and Brookhill Properties become trusted partners for tenants.

Raphael Toledano and Brookhill Properties encourage an open dialogue with tenants and all they conduct business with. To work with Brookhill Properties, call 646-762-7436, or email