Raphael Toledano and Brookhill Properties Support Philanthropy in New York

Raphael Toledano is passionate about the New York City communities he works in and lives in. He strives to be a positive force in them, working to make public spaces beautiful to enjoy and helping those who need aid the most to get the support they need.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Toledano believes giving back is an integral part of everyday life. From the causes he works with to the way he conducts his business, Toledano makes it his mission to serve those around him.

Causes That Make a Difference

As founder of Brookhill Properties and a real estate investor in New York City, Toledano has the opportunity to work with nonprofits in the East Village area and beyond who are making an amazing impact on both people and the environment. Just a few of the organizations he supports include:

Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless

For more than 30 years, Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless (SAFH) has served the homeless population living in and around Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. The mission of SAFH is to provide a nutritious, fresh, healthy, reliable, and well-balanced meal for those who need one. Fresh fruits and vegetables are prioritized, and SAFH offers locally grown food as much as possible. Nutritional education is provided, as well as referrals to other services dedicated to helping the homeless community.

The SAFH kitchen is open daily and serves 200,000 meals every year. Everyone is welcome at SAFH, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion. SAFH opens its doors to anyone in need in order to improve the quality of life for the homeless population in New York City. Through shared service, SAFH believes the whole community is bolstered.

The Creative Little Garden

The Creative Little Garden is a gorgeous green oasis surrounded by urban city life in the East Village. Open since 1978, the community garden is tended to by volunteers in the neighborhood, who open and close gates, water plants, feed birds, plant new seedlings, and work at special events. The Creative Little Garden features a wide variety of plant species and is a beautiful oasis in the East Village, giving those who visit it a sense of peace and calm, while also providing a communal meeting space surrounded by nature.

The Creative Little Garden provides a place to read and relax, take a workday break, eat lunch, journal, or work on a laptop. It injects the sights, scents, and sounds of plants and animals into a city environment. Spaces like the Creative Little Garden make the East Village a more welcoming area to live, work, and play in.

Raphael Toledano supports these and other community initiatives. He is always on the search for more philanthropic efforts to give back to.

Raphael Toledano’s Philanthropic Vision

Raphael Toledano may work in the largest city in the country, but he believes positive change is ignited at the local level. From conducting his business with a philosophy built on respect and empathy for his clients, to working with nonprofits to ensure their success, Toledano’s mission is to make the communities his buildings are a part of thrive and succeed.

Do you have a community initiative in need of help? Talk to Brookhill Properties by emailing us here or giving us a call at 646-762-7436. Together, we can continue to make all of New York City the best place in the world to live.