Get in Contact With Raphael Toledano, Brookhill Properties Founder

Raphael Toledano has many different roles in the New York City area. He’s founder and owner of Brookhill Properties, the city’s leading real estate investment firm specializing in residential and commercial buildings in the East Village, Chelsea, and beyond in Manhattan.

Toledano is a passionate philanthropist, giving back to those in the communities he serves. He works with nonprofit organizations including Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless and the Creative Little Garden. He is eager to partner with a variety of worthy causes that help the people and public places in the areas his buildings reside.

Toledano is an entrepreneur, one who strives to build the most notable real estate investment business in New York City and worldwide. Drive and ambition are important qualities to him, as he constantly searches for growth opportunities for Brookhill Properties. He only works with the most professional, expert staff in the real estate business and adds team members who treat every tenant with respect as they represent Brookhill Properties.

Get in Touch With Raphael Toledano

Raphael Toledano transparently runs his Brookhill Properties real estate investment business based on values including integrity, dignity, and support for those around him. He has an open dialogue with his tenants and strives to get to know them on a personal level so he can deliver better customer service to everyone he works with.

If you’d like to get in touch with Raphael Toledano to talk to him about any happenings in his buildings, to converse about new business opportunities, or to engage about philanthropic causes worthy of supporting, Toledano encourages you to get in touch.

Stop by the office at:

Brookhill Properties
298 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, New York 1001

Give him a call at 646-762-7436.

Email him at

Raphael Toledano’s Promise to You

Raphael Toledano places importance on every interaction in helping him grow as a person and as a business owner. He knows the significance of individual relationships, which is why he prioritizes networking within his community and connecting with his tenants. His goal is to make Brookhill Properties buildings the best places to live and work in, with high-quality renovations that make them the most attractive in their neighborhoods.

Toledano is determined to become a part of the fabric of the neighborhoods he conducts business in. He’s proud to live and work in New York, a place known around the globe for the opportunity it gives to all who are a part of the community. He works to spread positivity in every aspect of his life, from his real estate investment work to his charitable contributions.

Toledano genuinely cares about the tenants in his buildings and diligently ensures they’re satisfied in all areas, from the conditions of the buildings to interactions with management. He has become a top New York City real estate investor at only 25 years old through perseverance and attention to detail. When you work with Raphael Toledano, expect the utmost in competence and dedication to the service he provides.