Brookhill Properties

Learn More About Brookhill Properties

Brookhill Properties real estate investment firm in New York City was founded by Raphael Toledano and is a top firm in the East Village. Toledano created Brookhill Properties with the intent to present the best New York City buildings to residents and business owners, improving apartments and retail spaces so they are the ideal places for Manhattan residents to live in and work in.

Brookhill Properties currently owns 21 buildings in the East Village and 1 in Chelsea. Toledano has quickly become the youngest real estate investor in New York City with a portfolio of his size, and he and Brookhill Properties are just getting started.

Brookhill Properties Focuses on Customer Service

The main focus of Brookhill Properties is to deliver exemplary customer service to all tenants in all buildings. An open dialogue is encouraged so the Brookhill Properties team can better understand the needs of its tenants and meet and exceed their expectations. Personal relationships are valued by Brookhill Properties, and every team member is empowered to best serve building tenants.

Brookhill Properties Beautifully Renovates

Every building owned by Brookhill Properties is purchased with the intent to make it attractive to both residents and passerby. Brookhill Properties apartments are exquisitely renovated and are given the highest quality finishes to upgrade them into even more ideal places to live. Without taking away from the rich history of the colorful East Village area, Brookhill Properties seeks to enhance its buildings and make them stand apart from the pack.

Brookhill Properties Only Independently Invests

Brookhill Properties is an independent property fund and does not operate with outside investor equity. This guarantees the high standards of all Brookhill Properties buildings and helps maintain the integrity of investments. Specializing in multi-family buildings as well as retail tenants, the team at Brookhill Properties is always on the search for worthy additions to its growing portfolio.

Brookhill Properties Supports the East Village

Raphael Toledano and Brookhill Properties own the largest portfolio of buildings in the East Village. The East Village is one of the most exciting parts of New York City because of the diversity of the people, the buildings, and the entertainment options. With notable companies such as Google interspersed with local independent businesses, arts and music venues, restaurants, and more, there is something for everyone in the East Village. From millennials to families, Toledano and Brookhill Properties believe in the significance of the East Village in how it impacts its communities and the New York City real estate market.

Brookhill Properties Backs Philanthropic Efforts

When Brookhill Properties invests in buildings, the real estate firm also invests in the neighborhood. This includes supporting nonprofits and local community initiatives such as soup kitchens and parks to make each area even more livable for all its inhabitants. Brookhill Properties is constantly searching for meaningful nonprofits to help and weaves philanthropy into all its business efforts.

Brookhill Properties Eyes Expansion

In the short time since its founding, Brookhill Properties is already working on several new real estate partnerships in the New York City area. Brookhill Properties remains committed to its goal of finding the best buildings in Manhattan to invest in and renovate into better living and working spaces for their tenants. With a growing team that represents professionalism, respect, and hard work, Brookhill Properties shows no signs of stopping its continued dominance in the New York City real estate market and beyond.

Brookhill Properties is located on the sixth floor at 298 5th Avenue in New York City. To contact Brookhill Properties, call 646-762-7436, or email