Raphael Toledano: Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, and Business Leader

From a young age, Raphael Toledano was instilled with a significant source of ambitious work ethic and perseverance, qualities that continue to influence him today’s as one of New York City’s top real estate investors. Only 25 years old, Toledano is the youngest landlord in New York City to have a portfolio of his size. He is the founder of leading real estate investment firm Brookhill Properties, spearheading the development of the most attractive properties in the East Village, West Village, Murray Hill, and beyond.

Born in Long Branch, New Jersey, in a family of six children, “Rafi” Toledano loved the competition of playing baseball and honed an entrepreneurial spirit early on. His thirst for knowledge propelled him to the top of his class, and he looked up to his parents for their accomplishments.

He says the support he received as a child and young adult was the most significant factor to help him realize his own business dreams. Becoming a real estate agent helped Toledano attain his aspirations, quickly progressing to a broker before establishing Brookhill Properties.

Toledano founded Brookhill Properties with the philosophy that professionalism should not sacrifice a personalized approach. He and his team treat each client with the utmost respect and work to create partnerships that benefit all parties and the larger community. Brookhill Properties is focused on presenting the best real estate to those around the globe looking for the ideal place in New York City to live and conduct business.

Raphael Toledano’s Passions

Besides striving to grow his business and help those in the communities he works with, Raphael Toledano draws energy from his personal relationships with friends and family members. Being newly married, Toledano says his marriage is his proudest accomplishment and looks forward to building a family. Toledano cherishes his relationships with his wife, parents, and siblings to keep him grounded and motivated.

Toledano is more excited than ever before about America’s political climate because of the emergence of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. As the political figure Toledano most admires, Donald Trump has served as a business inspiration for Toledano in the real estate market and beyond. Trump’s business savvy and drive are qualities Toledano mirrors in his own interactions.

Raphael Toledano’s Goals

Raphael Toledano lives by the motto, “Be greedy to get and generous to give.” He lives life fearlessly, believing that goals are only achieved through hard work and ambition. While his accomplishments are already notable, Toledano’s emergence in the real estate market as an investor is just the beginning. He aims to be the top investor not only in New York City, but in the world. With his strong work ethic and by building a strong team, Toledano is poised to achieve greatness beyond his already remarkable accomplishments.

While business achievements are important to Toledano, so is philanthropy. Toledano supports New York City causes including The Creative Little Garden, Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless, and more. It is Toledano’s vision to be a positive influence in the communities he is a part of, which is why he continues to be involved in various philanthropic efforts. Supporters of Brookhill Properties contribute to helping the nonprofit organizations benefiting from Toledano’s work.

Brookhill Properties specializes in investing in long-term asset management and high-end renovations to enhance New York City. If you’re interested in learning more about the Manhattan multi-family and mixed-use buildings Raphael Toledano and Brookhill Properties represent, email contact@Brookhillprop.com, or call 646-762-7436.