Raphael Toledano: The East Village’s Leading Real Estate Investor

Hard work, personalized customer service, and the desire to contribute to the greater good of his community are the values that drive Raphael Toledano in everything he does. Whether it is closing on one of Manhattan’s largest real estate deals or leading a dedicated team at his Brookhill Properties real estate investment firm, Toledano is passionate about his work and about bringing the highest-quality, high-end real estate to New York tenants.

After founding and becoming president of Brookhill Properties in 2015, Toledano completed one of the most notable New York City real estate deals in the East Village: the acquisition of a $97 million, 16-building multifamily portfolio including 301 residential units and 15 retail tenants.

At the age of 25, Toledano is the youngest landlord in New York City with a portfolio that size. Coupled with other investments in the area, including five prestigious East Village purchases, Raphael Toledano is the leading landlord in the East Village. With more properties in the area than any other investor, Toledano plans to make the East Village the top destination in New York City in which to live, work, and enjoy oneself.

Toledano’s significant growth in the real estate market is attributed to his financial savvy, enthusiasm for the market, and ambition to help those interested in attractive New York City property move into spaces that are well-managed and provide superior residential and retail environments for tenants. He is constantly on the search for the best spaces in New York City for dwellers to move into or conduct business in. Brookhill Properties delivers exemplary service to tenants, who enjoy gorgeously renovated apartments with exquisite details.

Dedication to Service

Raphael Toledano’s commitment to serving those he works with influences all his interactions. He is regarded as a top landlord in New York City because of his concern for his tenants and aspiration to ensure the contentment of all parties involved. As someone who doesn’t just do business in the East Village, but as someone who is part of the greater East Village community, Toledano wants to be a positive force in the development of this dynamic area he is both professionally and personally invested in.

Toledano has grown his portfolio beyond the East Village, including purchasing a building in Chelsea. He is currently under contract to purchase additional buildings in the West Village and Murray Hill, as well, solidifying his role as the fastest rising professional in the New York City real estate market. In every transaction, Toledano delivers a promise to serve each building with his expert and dynamic team, working to ensure the buildings he owns and represents are regarded as the top spaces in every area they inhabit.

Raphael Toledano does not just invest in real estate — he invests in his community. As a devoted philanthropist who has donated to organizations including New York City’s The Creative Little Garden and Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless, Toledano believes communities become stronger when everyone in them can realize their full potential. By showing support to nonprofits and public areas that benefit the larger population, neighborhoods become better places to live in. Toledano seeks to improve the quality of life for not just his tenants, but for everyone in his community.

Let Raphael Toledano Help You

As a top real estate investor in New York City, Raphael Toledano wants to help everyone he can to achieve their real estate dreams. Brookhill Properties is built on the foundation of independent investment. Toledano never works with outsider investor equity, ensuring only top properties are featured in his business. Whether it’s moving into a luxury building, or obtaining the ideal space in which to run a business, Toledano and BrookHill Properties guarantee tenant satisfaction in the best buildings in New York City.

If you are interested in working with Raphael Toledano, email contact@brookhillprop.com, or call 646-762-7436.